Jagpot Lottery Terms & Conditions

The Jagpot Lottery Terms & Conditions

1. The Jagpot Lottery is registered with the South Lanarkshire Licensing Board and regulated by The Gambling Act 2005.

2. The Jagpot Lottery is a private scheme open only to members of Thistle Credit Union aged 16 or over.

3. Any member who leaves Thistle Credit Union can no longer take part in The Jagpot Lottery.

4. Tickets cost £1.00 each.

5. A maximum of 10 tickets may be purchased by any one person.

6. Tickets will only be issued to members who complete The Jagpot Lottery application form.

7. Ticket holders will use their membership number as their Jagpot Lottery number.

8. Once a lottery application has been received from a member, that member will be included in all subsequent lotteries until he/she cancels their lottery application in writing or does not have sufficient funds in their Thistle Credit Union account to cover their lottery fees.

9. Lottery tickets are non-transferable.

10. The lottery draw will take place monthly on the 15th of each calendar month. Lottery draws may be postponed, in the event of the Society’s offices being closed (i.e. public holidays), or at the discretion of the General Committee in exceptional circumstances, until the next working day when the Society’s offices are open.

11. The draw will be witnessed by at least one Officer of The Jagpot Lottery General Committee and at least one other member/ticket holder of The Jagpot Lottery.

12. Members/ticket holders may attend the lottery draw in The Jagpot Lottery office.

13. Prizes will be in cash.

14. Prize winners will be advised in writing to the address held on their Thistle Credit Union account.

15. A list of winner’s names and prizes will be published on the Thistle Credit Union web area following each draw. A list of the names of the first prize winners throughout the year will also be published in The Jagpot Lottery’s annual report.

16. Prizes will only be paid if winning ticket holders have paid in full the cost of their tickets for the lottery.

17. A register of tickets will be held at The Jagpot Lottery office.

18. Proceeds from the lottery will be donated to Thistle Credit Union and used for the promotion and development of the credit union.

19. Any queries or complaints about the lottery should be made in writing to: The Promoter, The Jagpot Lottery, 252, Glasgow Road, Blantyre, G72 0YH.

The Jagpot Lottery is a separate entity to Thistle Credit Union. It is not authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. The Jagpot Lottery is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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