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A Consolidation Loan allows you to consolidate multiple loans together under one monthly payment.
Giving you back control of your finances.

We pay straight to the lender on your behalf.

Here at Thistle Credit Union, we make all loan decisions responsibly - factoring in your income, expenditure, and your ability to repay.
Plus, when it comes to keeping everyone safe and compliant, we adhere to all necessary money laundering regulations - carrying out searches
on credit reference agencies and obtaining information from the Electoral Register before we provide any services. Keep your finances in check with us!

You can borrow up to £15,000
Fixed payments over 5 years
Starting at 24.6% representative APR, the more you borrow the lower the rate becomes.

Examples of Consolidation Loan amounts and rates

Loan Amount

Taken over

Representative APR

Monthly Payments


60 months




60 months




60 months




60 months



*These are examples only and are not a guarantee of what you could be offered, monthly repayments are dependent on amount and months taken over.

To be eligible for a Consolidation Loan you must be a member and be over the age of 18 years old.

How do I apply?

Loan applications can currently be made by applying via our:

If you're applying online we'll call you when the loan is ready or if we need some more information, from there you'll need to drop by one of our offices to sign some paperwork.

If you're applying in one of our offices just fill in the loan application form, don't worry if you don't have a printer you can pick them up at any of our offices. We'll be able to process the loan then and there.

Terms & Conditions

No loan is guaranteed and is subject to terms and status, for more information about our loan terms and conditions click HERE.

* Subject to terms and conditions. Certain restrictions apply based on savings balance and on age at death or age when savings were made. Each Credit Union has individual limits and restrictions which may vary over time. Ask your Credit Union for details about the Life Savings protection they provide.
* Subject to terms and conditions. Cover limits vary and certain restrictions apply based on age and cover. Please ask your Credit Union for individual limits and restrictions.

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